Letting of Parish Council Premises


  1. The hirer will make all arrangements to ensure adequate protection of the Parish Council’s property and equipment
  2. The hirer shall be fully responsible for the orderly nature of the function and shall ensure compliance with the following safety issues: reporting accidents, first aid, faulty equipment, fire/emergency evacuation. Further details can be obtained from the Clerk.
  3. Attendance shall be limited to the number of persons which may be comfortably and safely accommodated on the premises.
  4. It is the responsibility of the hirer to obtain all appropriate licences.
  5. The Parish Council will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to the property of hirers or guests.
  6. The hirer shall not interfere with the gas, electrical or water fittings.
  7. The hirer shall not sub-let the premises.
  8. The Parish Council shall have the right to cancel any letting without notice.
  9. The hirer shall sign a form indicating his acceptance of these conditions and indemnifying the Parish Council against any claim arising from the uses of the premises and shall reimburse the Parish Council for the cost of remedying any loss or damage occasioned by the use of the Parish Council’s premises for any function.
  10. There shall be no general admission of the public to any function and no money shall be taken at the door as guests are admitted (ie admission shall be confined to ticket holders).
  11. It shall be noted that the organisers should make adequate arrangements for the provision of cloakroom supervision since servants of the Parish Council are not available for these services.
  12. All articles found in the building shall be handed to the caretaker.
  13. Parish Council accommodation will not be let for any lecture or entertainment having immoral or vicious tendency.
  14. Any charges made for the premises shall be paid to the Parish Council in advance of the date of the hire. The signatory of the application will be responsible for ensuring that this is carried out.
  15. No party poppers to be used in the centre. Additional charges will be incurred if these items are used because of the additional work required to clean the stains that they leave.